Karen Warne Piano

"... Karen has improved my daughter's piano skills beyond my expectations. The best part of taking lessons with Karen is picking up my daughter and hearing laughter every time I walk into her house. There are a lot of people who teach piano. I, however, choose to drive across town to Karen's because she simply is the very best. I choose to give my child learning, laughter, and FUN!" - Tracy J., parent

"...an excellent teacher. Karen makes learning fun with games and she explains things so kids can understand it. Karen gives fun surprises and keeps the kids eager to learn. My daughter has made great progress in music and piano..." - Denise R., parent

"I like taking piano lessons from Miss Karen because she teaches me a lot. ...I like learning piano because I can play for everyone in my family." - Evan, age 7 student

"I couldn't have known how piano lessons would go for my daughter. She had never been exposed to music beyond singing along with the radio as we drove to school in the morning. Mrs. Warne has made the last two years a fantastic success for my daughter! The time they spend together is always fun but also productive. I look forward to seeing my daughter continue to grow in music, and for certain, Karen Warne will be a major part of that for years to come." - Eric H, parent

"...upbeat, fun, real, and teaches everyone at their own level of interest and ability. As an adult student, I really appreciate how Karen helps me define my goals and helps me choose pieces that are fun and engaging and stretches the limits of my ability without breaking them. As the parent of a young student, I appreciate that she quickly identifies the struggles, but has the patience and self-control to let my son work through his challenges. This is really important to me because it has helped him get excited about his ability to figure things out. My son is learning to really enjoy music and often plays much more than his assigned practice." - Tina Y., parent and student