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Studio Policies

1. You will need a piano  You will need a well-maintained and regularly tuned acoustic piano or a quality digital piano for practice between lessons. The digital piano must have 88 full-sized, weighted keys with authentic touch and tone, and sustain/damper pedal. I personally own and use a Roland digital piano. It is the same size as a regular acoustic console piano, it sounds and feels like an acoustic, and is capable of making many other sounds that students enjoy. It never needs tuning and is less expensive than an acoustic piano.

2. You will need to practice  Most of the learning takes place at home, between lessons. The more productive the home practice, the better the progress. In order to progress satisfactorily, daily practice is necessary. I will assist the student in practice strategies and together we will develop a practice plan. It's not necessarily about minutes. To develop self-discipline, set up a daily, uninterrupted practice time to establish a routine. The study of music is rewarding and enjoyable, but also work!  As you know, your child will only be as committed as you are. I need parents’ help to motivate and support students.

3. You will need to pay your teacher  Tuition. Your yearly tuition consists of 32 credits (1 credit equals one half-hour lesson usually held once a week). There are 40 available weeks per year.  Some students have hour lessons every two weeks. In addition to teaching, the tuition also includes books, sheet, theory practice sheets, incentives, recital hall rental, and taxes. Contact Karen for rates.

Summer add-on lessons are encouraged when available.

A. Payment Beginning Sept. 1, 2018, tuition will be paid in 12 monthly installments (September – August). You can also pay by the semester or year. You will be billed via email a few days before the first of each month. You may pay by check or cash (simply slip it in the binder) or pay online with a major credit card or Paypal. Payments are most appreciated on the first lesson day of the month. Payments are past due by the next billing cycle (30 days).

B. Schedule and Attendance You are required to make a full year commitment. Each lesson is 30 minutes (1 credit) and held approximately once a week for 32 weeks or 60 minutes (2 credits) held every other week. If you have not used up all 32 credits by August 25, you lose them. Beginning Sept. 1, 2018, you will be able to pick the 32 half-hour lessons (credits) from 40 available weeks September - August 2019. The piano calendar will be available on or before Sept. 1. It is also posted on the website. If you need to miss a scheduled lesson due to illness, personal (school break/activity), or family emergency, please be respectful by contacting me in a timely fashion, as I will do the same. Your scheduled time is reserved for you. “No Shows” will be considered “Attended” and cannot be made up. For the health of all concerned, please do not come to your lesson if you are ill. Call or text to let me know as soon as you are able.

C. Bad Weather When school is canceled because of weather, I am still here and am available for lessons. There is such wide variance for you concerning distance from my house, road conditions, and your comfort on slick roads that whether or not you come is your decision. I expect you to be here unless you call. Please DO feel free to call if you want to rearrange the time, and I will do my best to accommodate you.

D. Studio Conduct Phone calls during the day are fine. I do not answer the phone while I am teaching, so please leave a message or text. Kindly drop off and pick up on time (5 minutes either end). Upon arrival at your lesson, there is no need to knock. Come in. If I am busy with another student, please sit quietly until I am ready for you. If you come with a sibling who is also here for lessons, you may work on homework, practice note reading on my iPad , read, use your own device on silent or use headphones, or sit quietly while your sibling is having their lesson.

E. Materials and Supplies  I will provide each student with a music binder to keep their sheet music, worksheets and other important papers orderly. If your binder becomes damaged, you are responsible for buying a new one. A tote-bag is recommended to transport all the materials and books. Please bring all current lesson books, binder, etc. to each lesson.

F. The curriculum I generally use PIANO PRONTO METHODS by Jennifer Eklund. Depending on the student’s needs, other method courses may be chosen. Students will also be using music from my music library. For any borrowed music that is not returned or is badly damaged, you will be charged at its replacement cost.

G. Incentive Program  Each school-age student will participate in an incentive program that rewards them for achievements based on responsibility, practice, and behavior.

H. Performance  I do not participate in piano competitions. I do offer at least one recital a year for the student’s enjoyment. Recitals are encouraged, not required. I will be happy to help students with any performance pieces for a church, school talent shows, etc.

I. Dismissal  Regrettably, I may have to dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur: Failure to pay tuition on time. Uncooperative attitude. Lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirement.

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